Friday, April 1, 2011

Comfort. Shoes.

I think that in my head 'comfort shoes' are anything that isn't a high heel, or, well, nice to look at. However, being 9 months pregnant and still keeping up my daily walks, I've realized that a flat flip flop is not going to cut it. So I got myself over to the comfort shoe store near my house and found these lovelies. And apparently I'm late to get on the 'grannie' band wagon. They had an article taped up from NY daily news about how everyone is wearing these now... in fact, these ones above are available at Urban Outfitters (?!) I bought a black pair of the German Worishofers and my feet are so happy that I called up my little store and ordered them in red as well. I figure buy shoes now before I'm too busy changing diapers and not sleeping. So even if I look like an elephant with swollen ankles and wider feet, I'm at the point where I don't care because my feet are so flipping comfortable. Love.