Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bye for a bit!

As we're moving to the new place tomorrow ( i'm sick myself talking about it too..) I won't have access to the internet, so this will be a blog break, unless i can find a place with wireless. Here is a photo of our only furniture in the apartment so far.... hee. my plan tomorrow is to don my hot pink terry cloth all in one jumper and clean the crap off of the roof so we can have a nice place to hang out and watch sunset. I also have to, um, work on my bathingsuit top tan lines... i have to wear a strapless dress soon.... we CAN'T have tan lines!

Reds and Pinks

This weekend we did some more moving into the new place, tomorrow will be the first night over there, so I'm enjoying my last few hours of the internet while i'm here... What will I do with no email!?!?!? i feel lost already.... Last night Erik made an amazing dinner: pan fried calamari covered in mustard and garlic breadcrumbs, onions with red wine sauce and cabbage. The best part is... we have more squid left over... so you can guess what I'm having again tonight. yippers!

some pinks in our new kitchen...

Red inspirations from the past couple of days... bright plants, interesting fruits, and giant coke cans...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I heart Harry

We saw it!!! Oh it was such a good movie.... the whole time i was giddy in my seat. I don't know what I'll do with myself when they are all over... I'm waiting until I'm back in the states to read the newest book. eeee something tells me it will be an easier read than my current book, Moby Dick. hmmm. But back to the movie... i love how the actors are getting older, as they should as the characters, it was a wise choice to make the films this way. I also love how Helena Bonham Carter played Bellatrix Lestrange. She and Maggie Smith were also in my most favorite film of all times, A Room With a View.

I used to rent it everytime it was "my" turn to pick the movie at the rental store. I'm sure my brother loved that...I soo wanted to be Lucy. Well, mostly I wanted her hair. and her clothes, and George Emerson. But i was a strange one... people my age were watching Bevery Hills 90210.... I still have never seen it. I think it was on at like, 9 or something and i went to bed at 8 or 9 every night. I thought maybe I was in the wrong decade, as I was watching Merchant Ivory films and wishing I was in them. But I think that actually I hated middle school and high school and that was my way of escaping. I was a little, um..odd.....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Orange Blues


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Weekend!

As I've said before, the weekend begins on thursday here, and you work on sunday. I'm not sure if i'll ever get used to it.

Tonight we are building a table we bought a few weeks ago and tomorrow we have to find an air mattress or futon so we'll have something to sleep on for the next few weeks... it'll be like camping...

Here are some pretty images from here to kick off the weekend....


Growing up, I loved miniatures and dollhouses. And I think a lot of other girls did too... except I wasn't that little...I was about 13 or 14. There were never any people in my houses. I only loved to decorate. This was my first swing at interior design ( i would also change my bedroom around every 2 weeks like a mad woman, but that's another story...) Any money I saved from baby sitting would go straight with me to the miniature shop; they knew me well in there. When I wasn't buying new pieces, i was making them. I made tiny cakes, pies, plates of vegetables, all out of clay, and then painstakingly painted them. I crafted mini bottles of shampoo, soda, toothpaste, magazines, clothes, anything that was possible. I started with your, oh i don't know standard colonial house, this then received 2 additions on each side ( oh the taxes!, snort) Later I built (from a kit) a shop, and then after that, a restaurant, complete with menus and specials. I could have made a town if i had the space. But inevitably I got older and the houses went into the attic. When I was home recently I went to look at them. Despite my mom so kindly wrapping them up, some mice still got in and pooped everywhere! They could have at least used the bathroom, I had made mini toilet paper! But seeing it all brought back the fun I had creating everything. I would love to re-do them, or maybe even get a new little house to work on. As long as no one makes fun of me for playing with a dollhouse. I swear, i'm not playing... i'm "decorating" Gosh!
dollhouse from here.

Living Simple

Oh piddles... so it turns out our shipment isn't arriving until the 27th, and then has to wait in customs for 1-2 weeks. We have to be out of this temp place in a week. Our new life will be filled with eating with plastic utensils ( and reusing them!) sitting on the floor, and cooking with one pan. But at least we have a lovely new fridge!

Bright Blues

I love cooking, and anything that makes cooking more fun... or at least look prettier! Le Creuset fits all the prerequistes. I have some old yellow pieces, but love these blues...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


While I was waiting in the apartment, I realized how neutral the place is; beige, white, stainless steel. A lovely clean slate to add some rich pops of color to.

Bright Tuesday

Our boat shipment is supposed to arrive this week. I'm SO excited. Today i have to go to the new apartment and wait for delivery men to bring the fridge and washer dryer. I'm a little nervous because they don't speak english, and I hope someone told them that it was a 4 story walk up...eesh..... When our shipment arrives i'll be reunited with my Tricia Guild books.

All of her designs, and photos and books make me all fluttery and excited. Images from the Designers Guild website.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Saving the Dates

I've been working on ideas for the Save the Dates this afternoon. I'm really missing a big monitor and wacom. But i'm not complaining, I love my little lap top. In the background the tv is playing E! True Hollywood Story: Three's intense... I'm totally sucked in, yet at the same time trying to pretend i'm not. This results in typos and not getting much done. But i can't turn the television off. I can't. not just yet. I'm about to learn how terry and cindy came to replace chrissie, and quite honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if a few tears came out on this's been known to happen...

The Boy Done Good

Despite having horrible travel karma on the way over, and incredibly rough journey back ( a cancelled flight, one day delay, 3 stops to go about 5 hours coming home) Erik made it back from Poland. It was quick trip, but he still managed to stock up on chocolate at a layover in Austria.... ah he knows the way to a girls heart...sigh....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Picture Perfect

I love everything about this photo. I'm excited to go there in person... so soon!

Big Bags

These bags from Accessorize are perfect for holding everything you may need.... wallet, phone, keys, magazines, books, small child...

Indian Feast

I love the set up of this party thrown by Padma Lakshmi, host of Top Chef, as shown in Food and Wine Magazine.

The food looks amazing, but it was the decorating that grabbed me.

Sunglasses for Sunday

my favorite glasses case, vintage necklace from San Carlos, seashells from Sharon Beach, Forever 21 bracelet, and sunglasses perfect for poolside with a floppy hat...

beautiful soap packaging, earrings i made yesterday, yellow clutch great for lipgloss and keys, sunglasses made for rollerskating...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Saturday!

I'm excited because Erik is on his way back! Hurray! I've spent the day list making, reading, beading, and mentally planning a double birthday party my first weekend back in the states.
all images from here, of course...

Sky Blue and Poppy Red

hee hee

Friday, July 20, 2007

Minty Pink

I have a feeling that I'm going to keep finding color combinations that I love...too many choices. Although deep down I'm probably going to go with the Indian pink and golds since I've been thinking of that forever...
all photos from here, cake from Miette, which I am majorly missing.


I love these colors together and the idea of using vintage tins as vases. I'm thinking of doing something similar... both images from here.

Perfect PJs

ha HA!!!!! They came out very cute indeed... i'll have to make a trip there when I'm home.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Marie Claire Idees

Some photos from Marie Claire Idees online. I'm hoping to get the magazine on my layover in 3 (eee!) weeks when i go back to the states. I have the new Marie Claire Maison that i'm excited to look ( since i can't read it) at tonight. Erik is in Poland for a few days for work, he just found out last night and had less than 12 hours until he had to leave. yikes.


So makes garbage that much more pleasant... who would have thought?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Golden Blues

a walk to the square...

through the new neighborhood...

turquoise and veridian...

and a spot of yellow...

Cupcakes for Wednesday

I love cupcakes. What could be better than a tiny cake? Here are some fun ones from Martha. I'm about to try ( for the 3rd time) to get our new place fumigated... wish me luck. More photos coming!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Theme #2

Pinks, fushcia, orange and yellows. Indian garlands, golds and silks.

Theme #1

I have 2 color ideas in my head for the wedding. This one is aqua and orange not overkill, just maybe pops of color....

Amber Green

sitting in the sun...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Canary Fuschia

Picnic for one.

Haifa Trip

Our Haifa trip was a lot of fun. We arrived around lunch time on Friday and had a great lunch at a restuarant with a view of the whole city.

It was quite surreal to look across the bright blue water and see up to the rest of Israel and then Lebanon. The next day one of Erik's employees and his family kindly showed us around.
We went to an Arab village...

Ate some sweets...

Saw Erik's next car...

We drove through dirt roads surrounded by small Arab villages. Having stopped by some very old olive trees, our friends ( who had brought a camping stove with them), made tea for us from herbs they found. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Just sitting, chatting, with no other people in sight, just a herd of goats making their way over the hills.