Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fun Friday

Yesterday we went to Tel Aviv. It was HOT. We walked through markets and took it all in. We then found a cafe to sit at for a while and just people watch, this was the fun part. It's funny, there were so many americans there. It almost seemed like everyone was speaking English. Maybe it's touristy? There were these girls handing out flyers for their shop and these had these embroidered parasols that I fell in love with, and luckily the store sold them. That was the highlight for me!

We then had lunch at a pasta place that one of Erik's co-workered suggested we go to. Very good. We then went home and had some beach time, dinner, and then watched,Spaceballs. ha! Today we're going to attempt going to Ikea...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Let The Weekend Begin.

Tomorrow we are going into Tel Aviv to an outdoor market. I'm very excited. Hopefully it won't be unbearably hot. Tonight we're having a night in. I'm surfing the internets while someone is having a few conference calls. hee.
Here are some inspiring photos from the latest issue of Elle.

I'm hoping to find some treasures tomorrow...

An Apartment!! For Real!

We had a big sushi lunch with the landlord and relocation guy, and the lease has been signed!!! We now have the keys and went to go see the place again. It's so nice. I'm so glad we didn't end up getting the cottage, it wasn't meant to be. We have to get a fridge and washer/dryer, so we'll do that in the next few weeks as we still have this temp place until the 16th. Our furniture should arrive end of July, so this could perhaps all work out. Hopefully. This is the living room, full of windows, and light. Not sure how to deal with the column in the middle... but we'll figure it out. Isn't it so spacious? don't you just want to cut the neck out of your sweatshirt and dance to What a Feeling?
me too.

So give me a little time to get the guest room ready, and then come visit!!!

TopShop Swimmies

I love these swimming costumes from TopShop. There is a TopShop here, but it's sooo expensive... remember when it was cheap to shop there?? oh well, I can still look. I'm also excited because Zandra Rhodes has designed 6 pieces ( including swimwear) for Topshop that will be available the first week in July. yay!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More wedding fun

When I'm home this summer I'd like to have a fun brunch in Woods Hole for the bridesmaids and my girl friends. Fun foods, drinks and flowers. With great shoes thrown in, of course. All images from

Lantern Love

I discovered The Lantern Store via Something Old Something New. These are EXACTLY what I have been looking for!!! perfect! I would like the whole back yard filled with these for the wedding. Now we are thinking we should go with 8/8/08. Is it weird to have a Friday wedding? Or is it fun, because then you get Saturday night as well...hmmm.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Preparing for Woods Hole

I'm very excited to get to spend 3 whole weeks on the cape this summer! and also some NY trips tossed in as well. Summer-y looks from J Crew.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend we looked at an apartment, and decided to take it. It's nice, has a lot of light, however, it is a 4 story walk up.This is the view from the living room:
We had a fun weekend with beach time, lots of food and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Sheila noted that I talk about food a lot... but wouldn't you too if it was so good and always seems to be bigger than you??

Yesterday I didn't do much, I watched a ton of movies on the movie channel. I'm feeeling a little low today, so i'm hoping that a run may help. It's a guilty feeling when you feel down, but it's so nice outside, and you really have nothing to feel down about. you know? one day at a time.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Start the weekend with a Sunset

Erik came home from work and our air shipment had arrived! so it's basically all of our clothes, and um, our Hebrew for Dummies book. and just having these boxes in here makes us realize... why the hell did we have a HUGE boat shipment sent as well.... I mean, i've been living with clothes that fit into ONE suitcase, and I, yes, ME am ok with it.... what will I do with my walk in closet worth of stuff??? I suppose we'll find out... In the mean time, for the hot Israeli summer, i've decided it's a perfect time to pick up knitting and crocheting. snort. Well i've found this book, very helpful, and i'm not usually a book learner, i need someone to show me.
but i did ok with my self taught lessons. We then, we went out for dinner ( as it IS the weekend now) and i once again ate way too much and have been complaining that my tummy hurts.... you can't put zoe in front of numerous plates of hummus, salads, bread and fish and think she will restrain herself. way...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Roberto Cavalli and H&M

Roberto Cavalli has been named as the next designer to collaborate with H&M. He will design a limited edition this fall for men and women.

Tilleke Schwarz

Tilleke Schwarz, an artist from Holland, creates textile art with embroidery. I love these images filled with graffiti, graphic icons, and text. She has a pretty interesting background as well. As a retired policy maker for the Dutch ministry of Home Affairs she now devotes her time to create these pieces of art. I love hearing stories like this, it makes you realize ( especially when you're in your 20s and 30s) that you aren't defined by whatever you happen to be doing at that one point in your life; it's never too late to start something else. She's about to kick off her first UK solo show in Sept.

Crowded Beaches and Large Salads

Last Saturday we went to the beach, and I think that the rest of the town did as well. Today is our Friday, so hopefully we'll have another beach day this weekend. and fingers crossed, find a place to live....

Some Wedding Thoughts...

Starting to try to get ideas together in my head...all images from Martha.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


There is a section in People online with cakes from every state. Very fun to look at. I love looking at wedding cakes. I can't say I always love the taste of them though. However, we recently went to a wedding in Greenwich, CT and I have to say the cake ( as well as the food) was absolutely amazing.

Back to Square One

So the cottage fell through... something about the landlord's brother-in-law needing a place to live blah blah.... so now we're back to where we were a week ago. Probably for the best. There was a dead cat in the back yard that I was trying very hard to ignore. Still, like most things here, it's frustrating. But hey, now the 2 days I actually get to see Erik, we can spend looking at apartments. hmm.
*sorry to be so negative, more positives later today!

Perfect for a Picnic

The melamine plates from designed by Jill Fenichell. As seen in In Style Home.

And a glass of wine in these from here.


Bird is a very cute fashion boutique in Park Slope Brooklyn, and also has a new location in Cobble Hill. When I first moved to NY in 2000 I was working for an advertising company. However, it just wasn't doing too much for me creative-wise, so I was also sewing silk patched handbags. Bird carried some of them for a while, and I was SO excited. Plus, whenever I went in to see if any had sold, I could drool over all of the designer clothes. These dresses here are available online via Bird and are Circus & Co.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Shoes for fun

Today was a little frustrating. Nothing major, at all. But, sometimes (often) change can be overwhelming. But I'm happy now. A nice long run, and a peek at some shoes... I'm easy to please. All shoes from Steve Madden. I have to say that I am more and more impressed with these shoes. I'm hoping that they also ditched that freaky bobble headed model campaign they were doing a couple of years ago. That was enough to make me not want to shop there...

Hobo International

I love the bags and wallets by Hobo International. I have 2 wallets and a handbag and truly believe this could be a life long partnership/obsession. You can buy them here, or here.

ABC Carpet and Home

I would often have heart palpitations whenever I walked past or into ABC Carpet and Home. Everything in there is SO beautiful, not to mention waaay over any budget I could dream of. But still, looking was enough for me. There is a type of embroidered textile called Suzani that originated from Uzbekistan. The name comes from the Persian word for needle. Bokja Textile Design in Beirut has reworked these fabrics into furniture now being sold at ABC. They are all so beautiful. I'm hoping that while we are out here we'll find some amazing textiles and furniture.
We have decided to go for the little cottage. We have started the ball rolling with contracts and such. We are in this temp place until the middle of July and this cottage would be ours on the 1st; that would give me 2 weeks to clean, paint, and decorate for our move in. And this place will need that work. Here is a photo of the funny 1960s wooden wall divider.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Denyse Schmidt

Hurray!! The new fabric collection by Denyse Schmidt, "Katie Jump Rope" is available at I'll be back on the east coast in August, so I'll definitely be stopping in there. I'm hoping with all of this time I will have in Israel, maybe I'll finish some of my half-done quilts that have been patiently waiting in my fabic pile for years.


Some really fun dresses a Oasis. Perfect for warm nights beneath the palm trees.

Friday, June 15, 2007

mingles and monkles

When I lived in NY, at one point I lived alone, in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Loved it. But I lived alone and neeeeded cats. So i found Mingus and Monk at a shelter in CT near my parents house. Unfortunately when I moved I Ca I had to leave the twin kittles with their other mother, Katherine. She and her boyfriend, James, have become even better parents. James is an amazing photographer and he took this photo of little mingus.

Elle Decoration

I broke down yesterday and bought the latest British Elle Decoration. If you think it's expensive in the states... weee hooo don't buy it here... but I did. and it was SO worth it. I even caught Erik reading it. Everything in the magazine was so inspiring, and fantastical. These are some photos of a piece they did on outdoor summer entertaining. These are also great inspirations for wedding planning. We are going to rent a big house for a week, and anyone who wants to be there with us for the time before is welcome to. The wedding will be in the backyard, very informal, lots of lights, music, family and friends. I just read the novel, A Spot of Bother, and there was this one line where the bride is flustered that this is her day and everyone will ruin it and the groom says something to the effect of, This day is for our families, we have the rest of our lives for us. And I agree with that; I want our wedding to be an amazing time for family and friends. and well, they better like an outdoor party... hee.

Walk with a Pattern

Every morning i run/walk for an hour and a half, and then later in the day, I go for a walk. Usually on the beach, and every time I see something new. This was a pattern searching day:

Ok, so this isn't a pattern...but there are TONS of stray cats here... and I think this is one of their homes... oh how I love kittle kattles....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

House Hunting

There is this little house that we've been looking at ( from the outside only), and while no one is living there, but we couldn't find it for rent anywhere. Finally our real estate agent found it. She's trying to persuade us not to look into it, as it's condition is "poor". But we think it may be fun. ( do not quote me on this if down the line we do get it and, god forbid, it starts falling apart...eek) We're going to look at it tomorrow morning. It has a huge bramble-y back yard that you could do so much with.
Rattan lounge chair, stool, and glasses from Ikea, umbrella and pillow fromPier One, Oilcloth fabric from,Moroccan lamp from Moroccan Decor.


Weekends here are Friday and Saturday. So technically the weekend is about to start! It's going to take me some time to get my head around this one. I absolutely hated Sundays... does that mean I now should start hating Saturdays? That seems kind of mean. We're going to the beach on saturday and this ensemble would be perfect.
Poppies folding chairs, Mimas thongs, Rock wall tote, Smocked Sur dress, Glamorama shades, Sunswirl hat, all from Anthropologie And Living Etc magazine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Long Walk

Some photos from my walk yesterday...

At most restaurants here, they bring all these little salad dishes before your food. They. are. so. good. This was AFTER I had finished...I had to take the food home with me... don't go out for lunch alone if all your food can't fit on the small table. Lesson learned.

To end the day, a sunset walk on the beach.