Friday, May 28, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress!!

This summer is a HUGE wedding summer for me. I have 5... including one in Boston this weekend. Very excited! Erik and I are gearing up for our redeye tonight...arriving in Boston at 5am tomorrow. What does one do at 5 am?? Last night was a perfect girls night of wedding planning for my friend Erica. She is getting married in Sonoma in September. We did a lot of organizing and maybe even picked the bridesmaid dresses... this one from Anthropologie . I love love love it and would wear it oh so often... squeals, squeals, squeals.... Besides that I have had tons to do at work, a constantly broken down car, an almost redone backyard (!!!) and a broken face. Sort of. I fell last Sunday and my face took to the sidewalk like gum to hair.... Grazed off quite a bit of my eye/cheek. Boo. It was so painful and also embarrassing wearing a giant bandaid on my face like a horse wearing blinders. Sweet. Thank God it's Friday and I'm about to have a lovely weekend with friends, family, food, and wicked shoes.
Have a lovely long weekend!!!
(I may have also grabbed this wonderful wonder of a frock.... on sale!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nuts for Nautical

We saw these sandals (they are actually called 'clogs' but I'm preferring to call them 'sandals'. thank you) in Lucky Magazine over the weekend and fell in love. Absolutely perfect to wear with a sundress while flying a kite, lounging on a sailboat, or, perhaps while having a picnic with blonde Swedish children. Available here. I ordered them and will report once they arrive if they are in fact are perfect-acle as they seem. This evening I received 3 new DVDs; An Education, Bright Star, and Coco Before Chanel. I'm bubbling over with excitement and can't wait to watch them.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I've fallen in love with these shoes from here. I have the day off and was soooo excited all week for today that I knew something would happen to make it go wrong. I find that whenever I'm over the top looking forward to something, something icky will happen. Nothing major-an expensive vet visit, an engine light coming on (in the car that just came back from the mechanic a thousand dollars poorer), a giant cockroach that jumped out of a rag I found in the garage, and an angry hissing cat that won't get out of the litter box. These shoes will cheer me up. 3 day weekend begin!