Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shoe Re-Do

Sheila is in the process of returning the shoes I had orginally bought for my wedding. We both agreed (I hadn't seen them in person, but trust her judgement) that they weren't 'right'. But hey, that's alright! I found these Calvin Klein ones, which are SCREAMING perfect. And for those of you looking for other colors for this summer, (kharris) they have a nice selection, even more than shown here if you go to You can also get them at

Another Glimpse...

Of some of my favorite places in our apartment. I like little spaces... tableaux, mini still lifes...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Glimpse...

Here are a few photos of where I spend my days...

A 1920s flapper dress...

Patterned scarves from the 1960's...

neat, huh?

Absolutely Perfect

The more I look at this dress, the more I love it. It's so lovely, so becoming on her and so unusual. Amazing detail, and fit. Perfectly Perfect. It would also be a fabulous wedding dress as well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clothing Can Influence Behavior.

Ha. While we were cleaning out a room yesterday at the archive, we found these old projector slides from an American Home Ec class in 1967. Um, Yes, of COURSE I want them!!! I'm been giggling non stop at my new found treasure. Holy Crap, they are hilarious....

Obviously...look at the stoners on the right side... No school spirit at all....

If you don't dress like Carol Brady, then you must dine at The Burger Hut...

Bet you "Ms Popular" will have to eat at the Burger Hut.

Totally agree...Nothing cheers me up more than the phrase, "Actually, these are on sale" and nothing brings me down more than "Sorry, we're out of that size..." Although this image confuses me.. I'm seeing... cub scout...rainy day...bad haircut... No, I'm stumped.

They are too much... oh and there are more...I would have loved to have sat in the class. The only thing I remember from home ec was constantly getting yelled at for not taking the hall pass to the 'lav' and learning how to 'sift flour'. wicked.

Nascar + Shoes?

I had no idea.... did you?? Let's hope you're not driving on the track in these puppies... 5 inch heels!?! eeek.

And Then There Were Blue Skies...

This morning on my way to the train, I stopped off at the post office for not one, but TWO packages to pick up! I was SO excited... and I swear... as soon as I picked them up and walked out, the sky opened up into blue skies. Seriously.
The first parcel was from the best Katherine in the world. A great pattern book that she bought in Japan and a perfect pillow. There are some fantastic images in the book, everything is so a-damn-dorable...


The second package was from Sheila, who has just been in Guatamala. Great textiles, bright colors...perfect perfect.

It's amazing how much happiness good mail can bring you. THANK YOU!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Keep That Gray at Bay

Let's hope there's no more rain today... at least not for the 30 minute walk to the train station. Although if I looked like this, I suppose a few drops would be alright...
(photo by Richard Avedon)

Rainy Day Projects

Today has been yet another rainy day with hurricane-like winds. sweet. No matter, I've taken out the sewing machine and made a couple of skirts. The one below is not supposed to be shorter... I made the waistline a bit smaller so it fits higher up. Oops... more gym time...

Luisa Beccaria Spring/Summer 2008

Sheila had emailed me a scan of a pair of shoes torn out of a magazine. But what really caught my eye was the dress that was worn in the photo, it was this beautiful yellow one by Milanese designer Luisa Beccaria. It was shown with a puffy tulle petticoat underneath... I'll find out where she got the image from, it was great. Anyway, I went to look up more of Beccaria's pieces and was delighted with what I found. What perfectly full sundresses! The whole s/s collection was bursting with color and great patterns. Very nice indeed. (On her website, you can see past articles in which she and her family have been featured in their amazing castle. I know that I had read one of them in the past and was struck by how beautiful the whole family was and also by the incredibly charming life they live)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sweets and Treats.

Some lovely cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes in San Francisco. My boss would bring them in for us on special occasions. Oh they were delightful... I could eat a million. (well maybe not..but you get the picture)
(all images from kara's cupcakes)

And now for some more lovelies for your toes... Fun pinks from The top right Betsy Johnsons would look fun with a full skirted yellow sundress and a clutch in white embossed leather...

I'm also really liking these navy ones from Paul Smith, great for a 'I'm smart and going to the library now in my cardigan and tortoise shell reading glasses' look... available at Zappos... sigh..

Inspirations for a Cloudy Day.

So I spoke too soon yesterday of our lovely weather... it seems that today it's gone back to cloudy and cold, or as I might had said in my Hebrew lesson this morning, Ha yom me unaan. I've been revisiting some of my favorite books to get me out of this grey sky day.

I have so many books that are so inspiring, I flip through the pages and literally, my heart beats faster.

The colors, the way the photos have been styled, the layout... all amazing. Today in particular, I'm looking at Tricia Guild's (how can you go wrong with a Tricia Guild book??) "Inspiration. Her books, textiles, and color choices are always a feast for the eyes.

Especially on a gloomy day...enjoy!
(all images from Tricia Guild's book, 'Inspiration')

Here is one of the pillows we bought in Tel Aviv... I love it on this chair (from Ikea), with the mix of texture, pattern and color... however, Erik thinks it totally doesn't match and ruins the chair... this may be an ongoing battle of moving the pillow around the room....

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Perfect Day For a Picnic.

Today we got to use our lovely picnic basket! hurray! We drove to a national park on the sea near our apartment. We found a secluded cliff to have our perfect picnic.

We had our mini stereo, great food, and fun books to read. It was a wonderful afternoon. I then received an email from Sheila with this photo of our backyard in Connecticut... perhaps I should keep quiet about my sunny afternoon...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Often times on our weekends, Erik and I make great plans and then never get anything done. Either because we can't find what we need, or something is closed, etc etc... But today we did it! This morning we went into Tel Aviv with grand plans of finding maybe a mirror, or some frames, maybe some art for our bare walls... We got a teeensy bit lost, but found where we wanted to be eventually. We stumbled into an art store and bought 4 large canvases... Art Time!!! ha. We then found a large mirror to put over our dining room table to 'create more space'... after that we had a great lunch at Moon Sushi

and then walked around Shenkein St.

We even found some pillows to put on the chair we found in the garbage 6 months ago... It was a very productive day indeed.... now we are having martinis and watching the sunset on the roof...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Love Ya, But Ya Can't Do This To Me...

Oh man.. boy am I PO'ed (is that how you spell looks funny...) Ugh, so now when I go to my favorite website ever, Anthropologie, they've added some sort of new thing for people outside of the states. It KNOWS I'm here in Israel and therefore won't let me buy anything!! Before I could order stuff and have it sent to my parents, and arrive home to see my lovely family and also lovely prezzies waiting for me. but now... oh my... they got all fancy shmancy and can now deliver international, but not to Israel. And thank god too... it would be over double the price in shipping and taxes alone. jeez... I suppose this is someone's way of telling me I don't need to be shopping... but it makes me want to cry...(said in Gretl's voice, from the Sound of Music)

Closet Time

Working in the archive has made me realize that I really need to take care of my shoes and clothes. I mean, I love my shoes, my bags, every single piece of clothing, right down to my new adidas socks that don't hurt my feet... Therefore, I really should be taking care of these bearers of joy. Today I went through my entire closet and fluffed out all of my full skirts, color coordinated, cleaned all of the floors, polished my shoes, folded all sweaters properly. Oh it felt great. I hope I can keep up this habit.
Photo from Martha Stewart.

Go Gap!

Some cute basics from The Gap. Very plain, of course, but with tons of potential. I also love this bag to put your wet swimming costume in, hee!

It's so sad not to have my discount anymore...sigh...I'll now just be one of the common folk who have to wait until Family and Friends Day...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mazal Tov! or 'Oh God, I'm a Grown-Up'

Last night I went to my first bat mitzvah. It was for the daughter of one of Erik's colleagues and took place in a 'castle' near our apartment. Wow... it was like a wedding reception.

Minus the dressing up. Everyone was in jeans. I felt a bit overdressed in my patterned shift dress with purple tights and brown ankle boots... never mind. So while I was looking at all the 12 year olds, one would think I'd be brought back to when I was no. Either I'm becoming a cranky old un-cool grown-up or My Lord! they dress like 21 year olds!!!! When I was that age, I was wearing stone washed jeans folded with the pegged cuff, eastland shoes, and baggy Benneton polo shirts. The hair was half up, half down, no make up. Actually, I was pretty dorky, so maybe girls were looking more grown up than I was at that age...but anyway, These girls look like they could have been models backstage at a runway show. Skinny jeans tucked into heeled boots, off the shoulder tops, and long layered hair... And because these girls are only 12 and do not yet know the meaning of slower metabolism, love handles, or cellulite, they look great in their skinny jeans. Oh my god, I'm comparing myself to someone 19 years my junior... yikes.
Anyway, even though I'm a 'grown-up', I was forced to sit and have my portrait done...I was told by Erik's co-workers to smile.

and well.... from the looks of the final product I definitely was....perhaps too much?!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Eeek... I love these!!! I'm a little shoe-obsessed lately... Could be that I'm approaching another birthday, but I do love these from here. I can't decide which color I like more...

Colors I Can Drool Over.

Some wonderfully bright-tastic shoes from Nine West. Below are some perfect colors from Top Shop. There are some I'm thinking of buying for myself as they are a whopping 50% off at the TopShop here. There are the yellow color of the TopShop ones in the bottom corner, and kind of more of the style of the ones above from Nine West. I just hope they are still at the shop... I never regret buying something, but instead regret not buying...eek.