Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Afternoon...

quiet and calm...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Antique Beauties

I read about the The Three Graces website over on Something Old, Something New. I love this jewelry. I have some amazing rings that belonged to Sheila's grandmothers. I think that one day I would like to buy something like one of these and wear as my wedding ring....Shhhh don't tell Erik! Things here have been a bit busy; we've had people visiting for Erik's work which has led to many late night dinners. At work, we're trying to finish up summer 09 so I've been working more than usual, which has thrown me out of my excerise and painting routine. I'm also struggling with some sort of eye problem which has let me to wearing my glasses everyday which is difficult since the presciption isn't as strong as my contacts, so I'm looking at the world through what seems like vaseline covered lenses...nice. We also have a wedding this week, and one of Erik's co-workers from CA staying with us and then we're having our friends from Turkey visiting at the end of the week. We are busy bunnies...but fun bunnies!

Lovely Luella

Happy Monday, here are some beautiful pieces from the Luella show in London last week. I love the colors, the head pieces...everything. I hope you had a perfect weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Le Journal De La Maison

I bought this magazine the other day. It's all in French (which, unfortunately I can't read) but the photos, colors, and styling are fantastic. Wonderfully inspiring.

Who's A Lucky Girl!?

ME! ME! ME! I went to the post office today and received not one, not two, but THREE packages!!!! Boy oh boy....
The first one was from Konrad and Sarah. Konrad found my most favorite movie of all time at the Princeton Record Exchange (Susie! look our favorite!). They also sent me a perfect little story by Esy Casey.

Sheila sent 2 packages. One was full of New Yorkers (which I can't find here, so wonderful Sheila is sending me hers when she's done reading them) and newspaper articles. I think it's a parent thing to cut out articles and send them, I end up knowing all about who has been in the Guilford, CT police blotter all the way across the world.

The other package had a t-shirt for erik and me from Woods Hole. Mine is the 'End of an Error" one.

Although...god save us, if McCain/Palin win, (shuddering as I type) they will just have to make more and change the date. But let's not let our minds wander to scary places right now...We had mail! Now I'm going to sit in my reading corner and, uh, read.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lovely, Lovely...

Some beautiful prints and colors from Anna Sui's recent show in New York.

Agas & Tamar Jewelry

While I was in Tel Aviv last week, Ayelet and I went to the Agas & Tamar jewelry shop. This Israeli company's designs were featured in the Sex and the City movie, and have also been worn by many celebrities. I love the organic, worn look of the jewelry. It was also interesting that in the shop, the studio was upstairs and you could hear them hammering away. I'm thinking of buying something of theirs for Sheila for her birthday in November. Let's see if I can hold back from being tempted to buy something for myself as well....

Villeroy and Boch

I had posted about these Acapulco pieces before, but now, Villeroy and Bosh have brought out the "New Wave Acapulco' dinner collection. Hurray! no more looking around online, or at, now you can buy the new look. I know what we'll be buying with our gift certificates when we move back to the states... sigh... how I love them so... let's hope Erik will too....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adventures at the Old Jaffa Flea Market...

Yesterday Erik and I went into Tel Aviv to explore the Old Jaffa Flea market. We love going there...sometimes you'll find treasures, and sometimes crap, but it's always a fun experience.

This time we found treasures...We bought 2 rugs (we have different taste, so instead of trying to find one we both liked, we bought 2). Erik choose a red one from Tunisia, and mine was a kilim from Turkey.

I bought some shoes lasts from a vintage shop... Erik bought this yellow stool...

Some beaded bags...

All in all it was a very fun trip indeed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Works In Progress...

Today was my day off, so I spent the day painting and sewing. After a summer of all wedding talk and wedding do-ing, I needed to make something. Like how Konrad's fingers feel weird, and he gets 'funny' if he doesn't play piano, I get lost in my brain if I'm not creating. This larger painting and these 2 smaller ones are still in progress, so we'll see where they go...

My Monster has made yet another appearance, now on these pillows. Oh where will he go next...

Mary Poppins and Marc Jaocbs

Ah.... 2 of my favorite people... There was an interesting article in the New York Times yesterday reviewing Jacobs's show at NY Fashion Week. They were drawing similarities in his designs between this years presence of women in politics, and that of the turn of the century when women were fighting for the vote, and also taking over mens roles during WWI. Jacobs evoked that suffragist look in his pieces, and as the article said, some editors were reminded of Mary Poppins. (that is still one of my favorite scenes in the film, when Mrs Banks comes back from a demonstration and gets the maids to join in her singing, that light blue outfit with the pops of yellow...divine!)

All of this has made me think a lot...especially after just getting married. Erik and I had been together a while, so nothing has really changed, except something in my head has shot off; I'm no MRS!!! I'm a person with opinions, and thoughts and ideas. And while I know Erik knows this, and this is probably (hopefully) why he did marry me, it does make one think. Since I'm here pretty much alone most of the time, I've been doing a lot of reaching deep down, back to how I was raised, and what I was raised to believe in. It makes me proud to have had such an intelligent upbringing that allowed me to be who I wanted to be and not have to be pushed into anything. This has been a little tough for me, especially being so far from those people who made me who I am, who's opinions I respect. I have to remember this and keep my own head on my shoulders. As Mr Emerson explained about his son's odd behavior in 'Room With a View', I need to shout my creed...although maybe not from a tree may twist an ankle... forget about heels for at least 2 weeks....

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tel Aviv and Textiles

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the delightful Ayelet of all*over*print, for coffee in Tel Aviv. It was great to meet and talk with her about textile and fashion here in Israel. She then showed me around the interesting neighborhood of Neve Tzedek. Old buildings, small winding streets, really cute shops. I will definitely have to bring Erik back there.

After some perfect frozen yogurt on the hottest day, we parted ways and I walked through Binyamin Nachalat, where all of the fabric stores are. I found a great wrap dress in this pattern in a small shop.

It was a great Tel Aviv trip, Thank you Ayelet!


A perfect new shiny blue laptop bag was welcomed into my home this past weekend. Bag and owner are both doing just fine. Isn't it adorable!?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Groovy

I had my nails painted in this color for the wedding. While I was in CA I picked up a bottle of my own.... so now any day can be my wedding day....hee. Such a perfect color...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall Cleaning...

This morning I redid my inspiration board, seeing as I hadn't changed it in a year and all of my cut-outs were totally bleached by the sun. As I started pulling new pieces to put up, I slowly began cleaning my desk as well. Before I knew it (and 2 hours later) I had a desk that I could see, and a ton of organization.

My desk had become one of those places that Erik and I would toss onto anything that we didn't know where to put. Now, however, I'm hoping it will stay as neat (or somewhat) as it is now.

Today is the last day of the work week here and I'm sure Erik is ready. After our week of wine tasting in California, Erik and I took some time off of drinking to let our bodies detox, but today we are ready for martinis and shrimp tacos. Happy Thursday!

Last Wedding Photo...I Promise!

I just wanted to add this one of Konrad, our grandmother Giggi, and me. Hi Giggles!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diane von Furstenberg

I love these looks from Diane von Furstenberg's A/W 2008-2009 line. So pulled together and neat looking, perfect for wearing when being a secret agent spy... As I've said before...let's bring back the hat to every day life...and elbow length gloves as well, please.