Thursday, September 10, 2009

Slow-No-Ma highlights

We had an absolutely wonderful long weekend in Sonoma, it's been rough to get back into the work week. Thankfully it's a short one. We are hosting a birthday party for our friend Meredith this Saturday, so I thought, I know, I'll show Erik that I do more around the house besides eating cheese and leaving the fridge door open. I went into the backyard and weeded. As I was tackling an especially well rooted one, I heard a shuffle in the trees above me. Oh, I thought, hmm a raccoon? No, zoe, don't be silly, this is not Connecticut in the woods, this is the suburbs just a stones throw away from Jack in the Box and AutoZone. So I thought, Awww cute cat, hmm didn't know our neighbors had a cat... mental note, ask what that cute feline is named. And on went the war with Zoe and the weeds. I heard more rustling of leaves and looked up to be met with a stare from a definite raccoon mask. Upon this I quickly galloped to the house door. Normally I love raccoons when I'm watching them out the window at night time, Yes, night time. Unless I'm wrong, raccoons don't hang out in broad daylight on fences. Rabies, I thought. Must be rabies. But I had left Erik's nice weed cutters out by the dangerous, possibly lethal animal... I had to go back and get them otherwise I would return to being the wife that just eats cheese and wastes precious refrigerator energy. And as Erik notes, we're so green now. So whether or not the animal was dangerous, or perhaps this was my little flutter of excitement that I try to bring into my life, that was my evening. And I swear that right now, at 6:20 am I can hear that striped tailed friend waiting to pounce on me by the car door....