Friday, January 8, 2010

Lounge Like You Mean It...

So, I was browsing the Anthropologie website last night for work inspirations, and saw this adorable hat!! Can you imagine having Peter Rabbit on your head!? I think I see a hat making project in my future... So, the reason I even found the hat, was because this turban caught my eye.

At first, looking at the thumbnail, I was like, Oh interesting, then I opened the larger image and gasped at the ugly sight... but yet, I couldn't take my eyes off... Then I remembered how I had wanted a turban a la 'old-hollywood-movie-star' last summer to wear while lounging around the pool. I then came across these on Amazon.

Whew... what a find... Poor Erik was sitting next to me at the kitchen table trying to get work done as I kept flipping my laptop around, "No, but, seriously, look at this one! My oh my, imagine wearing that!?" I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my brand new bright turquoise turban which I shall wear fabulously...


Haute Headquarters said...

We are on the same wavelength! I want, no-scratch that- I NEED a turban for summer. Thanks for the Amazon tip!