Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Year Ago...

Can you believe it... one year since we left Israel and moved back to the US. It makes me sad that that as time goes by, my life there moves further and further away from me. However, our friends that we made will be visiting us in September. Oh Hurray.
I think that I sometimes have to look at photos to remind me that we were actually there. I pretty much picked up here in the US where I left off. I'm back working at the same place (although I love it now), we're back in the bay area (although a weee bit further giving me a longer commute. Bright side! Bright side! I can read all of my books and magazines) We are reconnected with our wonderful family of friends that we have here. And actually, I think, that being away from people makes you realize how lucky you are to have them. We have had some of my most favorite times with them since we've moved back. Erik and I have decided that we will do another international experience within the next 5 years, which will be perfect. But, for now, I am completely happy exactly where I am.

The grottos we went to near the border of Lebanon for my birthday in 2008.

Our trip to the dead sea. So. Amazing.

Some friends we met along the way, Gertrude and Lotte.

Erik's Israeli boss made me kiss a snake at Purim... I thought it was fake. Nope... it was real. Awesome...first base with a boa. sweeet.