Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Speaking of Spring...

We turtally snarfed our train ride glass of wine a couple of weeks ago when we saw an ad in a magazine for Liberty at Target. I practically squealed out loud much to the annoyance of my fellow passengers. Of course I popped in last night to see what I could find.

However, it was one of those moments where I was on my way home from work and only wanted to be at home, and was wearing uncomfortable shoes that made me walk funny so as not to hurt a blister, and this really affected my shopping mood. Also, I find that sometimes I'll buy something because I love the pattern, but when I get home I realize that I don't need 3 more mixing bowls, a cookie jar and even more tumblers... so I shall go back this weekend when I am ready. If everything has gone, I will take that chance. I will say, however, that everything I did see was marvelous and loverly.

(unfortunately from what I've seen, I think the bikes are all sold out. boo)


ayelet said...

i'd love to buy some florals from this collection