Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You, and You, and You too...Or, 'I'm a Packrat'

Some lovely ones available from Zappos. I especially love the crystal ball Vivienne Westwood ones... My trip to the east coast was A.MAZ.ING. The bachelorette party on Cape Cod could not have been better. Wonderful friends, relaxing, massages, manicures, and lots and lots and lots of laughing. Which is always good for you. It was also so marvelous to be home in CT for a couple of days. I love being at home and sleep in my old bedroom. And of course as I spoke about before... shop my parents house... I mostly just take things that were mine before I moved out and forgot about. But there are always those new "Oh Sheila... is this a new painting...hmmm maybe it would look better in my house" conversations.... I have some photos from the trip but at the moment can't find my blasted cord thingy that goes from my camera to computer...Must find soon...It probably hidden under all of the 'new' things I brought home much to Erik's frustration. oops.


D&D said...

those are some snazzy picks! i love the viv ones too...sigh.