Friday, May 28, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress!!

This summer is a HUGE wedding summer for me. I have 5... including one in Boston this weekend. Very excited! Erik and I are gearing up for our redeye tonight...arriving in Boston at 5am tomorrow. What does one do at 5 am?? Last night was a perfect girls night of wedding planning for my friend Erica. She is getting married in Sonoma in September. We did a lot of organizing and maybe even picked the bridesmaid dresses... this one from Anthropologie . I love love love it and would wear it oh so often... squeals, squeals, squeals.... Besides that I have had tons to do at work, a constantly broken down car, an almost redone backyard (!!!) and a broken face. Sort of. I fell last Sunday and my face took to the sidewalk like gum to hair.... Grazed off quite a bit of my eye/cheek. Boo. It was so painful and also embarrassing wearing a giant bandaid on my face like a horse wearing blinders. Sweet. Thank God it's Friday and I'm about to have a lovely weekend with friends, family, food, and wicked shoes.
Have a lovely long weekend!!!
(I may have also grabbed this wonderful wonder of a frock.... on sale!)