Monday, May 21, 2007

armadillo dogs

I think I might need one of these when we move.... it was the funniest little creature I have ever seen. This will be short because I'm actually really starting to freak out about moving and the amount of stuff we have to pack, do, sell. Our whole house looks like someone picked it up, shook it, and then dropped it. There is crap everywhere. I'm going to attempt to tackle the kitchen right now. Hopefully I will make it out of there without injuries or tears.


CMo/Shamu/Christy said...

No, Zoe, no cry! Just think of the cold, wrinkled little dog waiting for you in Israel! said...

Zoe! I just talked to Ben last night, and it reminded me to check out your fun blog. I can't wait for the welcome back party, but meanwhile, you can be my style goddess, even in Israel.
I agree with cmo/shamu...of course, I'm jaded.