Monday, August 6, 2007

Almost Gone!

I leave tonight... my flight is at 1:40 AM...sweet. It's funny how incredibly different everything looks in Israel compared to the beaches on the east coast in the US. The browns are different, the greens, the blues.... even the plants that grow by the water.

The air is different, and the light as well, more grey and foggy over there...

It's such a weird feeling to think that tomorrow i'll be in NY. I feel like I'm so far away that it can't possibly still exist.

This was a struggle I went through when i moved to California, I assumed that everything in New York would have just frozen; stayed still until I came back for a visit. But it didn't; life went on, people went on. In a way I suppose it's kind of refreshing. If things didn't change then it would seem as though you didn't make a difference.

(all photos taken in Cape Cod and Connecticut)