Sunday, August 5, 2007


We have the internet! Hurray!!! It's funny because the company that does the cable and internet is called HOT. So today i was paid a visit by the Hot Guy. ha! snort. These past few days were spent unpacking, cleaning, and running.... and missing email.

We found an old chair that someone had thrown away. So last week in the mid-day heat, I re-sanded it and then stained it. I felt home improvement-y. I taught myself to count to 10 in Hebrew, read more about Israel's history, did some watercolor paintings, and color coded all of my socks.... it's amazing what you can get done without the distractions of the internet and tv.
This past weekend we went to a bar near us, right on the beach.

We've also discovered a new favorite pastime; watching the sunset over the ocean from our roof.
(ahem... my mother so kindly reminded me that it is in fact a sea, not the ocean...oops)

Friday marked 2 years since I moved from New York to CA to live with Erik. So of course that warranted an outside lunch.


Sheila said...

Wow - finally a response - The Mediterranean isn't an ocean - it's a sea!! Anyway very glad to see you are on line again.

zoe said...

HA! ok clever clogs... see you in a couple of days!!! I'll amaze you with all of my new knowledge.