Friday, August 29, 2008

And Then It Was All Over...

I arrived in Israel very early this morning. It feels like this whole summer was a dream and never really happened. If I didn't have photos, for all I know, it may not have. What a fun filled packed summer. I'm so lucky to have had so much time at home with amazing friends and family and amazing places. I'm trying not to feel sad about leaving since I'm lucky to have even had the experiences, but it's tough. I miss everyone so much. And even Erik now, he took a later flight and won't be here for a few more hours, so I'm all alone with a bowl of popcorn (there was no food in the house and the stores weren't open at 7am, boo) and E! Entertainment. hmmm.
After unpacking, I will be back to my normal posts and fun pretty things to look at on the blog. I'm Back!


Meghan said...

so sad we missed the norcal party, heard it was fab. i am glad we made it out for the big day though. xoxo