Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And That's it...

The movers came on Monday and worked in a whirlwind of tape and cardboard boxes. By 3pm Erik and I were alone in a completely empty apartment. We fly to the US at 5am tomorrow morning, so we'll be checking out of the hotel at 2am. ick. Once we're settled in a bit more this weekend I'll have some better posts, but until then I'll pretty much be in transit. I really can't believe that we lived here in Israel for a year and 8 months. It seems like a dream. I'm glad I had this blog it was (besides Erik) the only constant thing from start to finish. It provided the perfect way to keep in touch with people, to keep me busy, and to hold all of my memories. Even in times when I was feeling so down, I didn't think I could feel worse, I'd pick myself up and try to find something inspiring to blog about, or go to one of the blogs I read daily for inspirational pick-me-ups.
Thank you for visiting this blog and for experiencing this all with me through my photos and words. I'll keep the blog up, however it will now be about my adventures and inspiring thoughts from San Francisco.

(image above is how they moved our boxes out of our 4 story walk up apartment!)


fashion gal in dc said...

Wow, congrats! How exciting. I love San Francisco and the fashion scene there. I look forward to hearing about all of your fabulous shopping finds in your new home!

flibbertygibbits said...