Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Daze

The end of what I may call a somewhat horrendous week. I am, of course, overreacting; but it did seem that things were going awfully wrong for me. After the whole car debacle, I missed my train yesterday only to come home to a locked house. Normally this is fine, normal even, and since I'm an owner, I have a key. However, I had locked the screen door from the inside the day before and as I borrowed Erik's car, never exited through the front and left that screen locked. After borrowing a stepladder from a neighbor and breaking into my bedroom window, I was finally back in. I'm crossing my fingers that not too much will go wrong today...
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

you need to give yourself a break ... and relax ... sorry about your car ... soak your sorrows in a glass of gin & tonic ... it relieves all stress! Happy Weekend