Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heat Wave or Why I Miss Splendid Shoes

We seem to be going through some sort of a heat wave at the moment. I don't mind these as long as they last no more than a couple of days. I've been dragging my sweaty self all around town carrying out errands as this weekend we are going on a wondrous weekend of camping by a lake. A group of us are driving and then boating up on Friday and will spend the hot days floating in the lake, drinking beer, and eating fun camp friendly food. Thus, my time has been spent getting refills for our lantern, buying dry food, fishing lures, deflating all of the pool toys to bring with us. Because of all these dashing-around-chores, and the heat, my poor feet have only be able to wear flip flops... next week when I'm in the calm AC of an office, sitting at a desk drawing all day, my toes can be encased in any of my fun, fascinating, cold friendly, heels.


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