Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Think it's Here!

Cold mornings, check. Tree out front turning orange, check. Crisp evenings with the smell of burning wood, check. I think we've come upon Autumn here! I'm sad that we no longer have the 90 degree weather (although who knows, stranger, much stranger, things have happened), I'm welcoming the change in weather with open arms and mugs of hot apple cider. Yesterday I bought pumpkins and mums for outside. I can already tell what kind of neighborhood this is when it comes to holidays; half of the houses already have fake cobwebs, plastic tombstones, and white ghosts hanging from their trees. Oh what wonders will Christmas bring, I can not wait. Today my friend Cecelia is coming over (I'm off work for the next week, lucky me!) and I think we may go see the Richard Avedon at the SFMOMA. Maybe I can convince her to drink hot apple cider with me while wearing mittens. Although perhaps I'm being a bit premature in my excitement. It's going to be 75 today... I would settle for cold cider and a dish washing gloves.