Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Days

These Hunter wellies, available here would be perfect for today. We are in the middle of an incredible rain storm which is unusual for this time of year. I've been sick (again) which has been horrible. I woke up early this morning to make some tea and see the rain outside only to be met with the terrible sight of our outside table and umbrella knocked over. The table was glass. And that shattered glass is all over our patio by the pool. All of the effort we made to only have plastic glasses outside and now we have a lot more glass than that. I rushed out armed with my wellies, raincoat, garbage bag, and broom- however my effort was pointless. Until the rain is gone and the glass dries, it's too difficult to pick up. Plus, maybe by then, Erik will be home from his business trip and I will have a helper. For now, though, I'm going to climb back under my duvet with my NyQuil and my ginger tea. Good night.


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Anonymous said...

ps. the get well message above was from me, monk. mingus is too busy putting on her winter weight.

zoe said...

Oh Mingus!!! I'm right there with you with the winter weight!! thank you! I miss you both.