Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spring! No, wait. Summer?

Time has FLOWN by.... this is the first weekend I've had home in the past month and have been able to get so much done. The kitties, after 4 months in seclusion, are all better and went to the vet today to get lion haircuts... Mingus is fine with it (she was sedated and I think still a bit, high. Monk, however, was not. He is a bit shaken up)

Our backyard is almost done. Summer is so here and I'm so excited to relax tomorrow after working around the house all day today. I've been on a 'No Shopping' budget this summer, which has lent to a lot of creative shopping in my own closet. However... Erik is away at a bachelor party this weekend.... I'm sure he's doing far worse things that I would be doing by ordering something online... mwaa haa haa.....

House photos!