Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One Pair of Shoes!?!

That was what I was shrieking this afternoon... I decided to start packing for our trip to Turkey tomorrow. Afterwards, I started trying on all of my lovely dresses in hopes of finding some matches for the summer events. Wow.... do I have a lot of clothes...perhaps too much? I can now hear yelps of happiness coming from Sheila, half way across the world. In my closet I found something to wear for everything...and get this...all of the dresses go with one pair of shoes. One Pair!! Me! And I'm all about the shoes!! ('but you have 10 bloody pairs you ordered online waiting for you here in Connecticut' -I can hear Sheila muttering under her breath..) Light packing! They are a pair of Nine West pumps I bought about 5 years ago. They are sorta-but-not-really like these above. A little more pointy, a bit more 80s and feel like I'm wearing slippers. So. Comfortable. So while I'm sure I'll look at Anthropologie while I'm home, and perhaps even help them take some sales items off of their hands, this girl is not getting any more clothes.
*If I change my mind down the road, it's not my fault there is probably some great reason behind the a sale, or stress, or a triple dog dare.