Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend of Sun

After a long bike ride, Erik and I spent the day at the beach. I think that everyone else in the area had the same plan... it was the most crowded I've seen it yet this season. So that made for good people watching. Here is one of the dresses I bought last week. It looks a bit red here, but it's bright orange.

I got the same also in black (come on... it was buy one, get the second half off...) and they are perfect for summer. Today I spent about an hour on the phone with British Airways to change my ticket home. I was supposed to stay a few days in Amsterdam, but now am flying straight to JFK...ah.... just saying the airport name gets me excited.... June 19th!!! So soon!! But now I've got to do some research on Turkey. Erik and I are flying there this coming weekend for a quick vacation during a holiday weekend. Fun!