Friday, July 18, 2008

Etsy Fun!

For my bridal shower I got all sorts of fun gift certificates, including one from lovely Sarah for the Etsy shop, Vernon Ave. I bought this amazing clutch... I'm SOOOO excited for it to arrive. I'm going to wear it to my rehearsal dinner. But I have to say... this is the second thing I've bought off of Etsy and I've found both experiences to be so difficult. I put in my credit card number and then would keep getting bounced back, so when I thought I had paid for something, I actually hadn't... So I ended up feeling like such an ass. But in the end, all worked out. Hurray!


Cow_woC said...

Hi Zoe,

I wanted to ask you a few questions by email but I couldn't find any contact information on Blogger. Is it possible for you to email me back?

devon lorraine ... said...

hi zoe, i found your link on lara's not-really-a-blog ... don't you think she needs to update hers?

it was fun to see a pic of lara on your page (and i think maybe i recognize chrissy from meeting her once a looooong time ago).

anyway, maybe if everyone were to nudge lara a little, we'd get to see more pictures of her (writing papers or whatever it is she is doing!)!

and yes, those shower favors were too cute!

fashion gal in dc said...

Love your blog! And that purse is absolutely adorable. I love everything Etsy. Good luck with the rehearsal dinner. Sounds like it's upcoming up soon.

Anonymous said...

i really love that bag..where is that store you bought it from? i just got this solid colored dress that would go perfect with that from shopgoldyn..its a great site!