Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Idea? or Bad...

Katherine and I are thinking about wearing false eyelashes for my wedding. For a couple of reasons... One, we barely have our own eyelashes, and two, we don't want mascara running down our faces. Although... what's worse... raccoon eyes, or a run away eyelash that looks like a catapillar running across your face... I'm not sure.
These are from Sephora.


Anonymous said...

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shira said...

i wear false eyelashes all of the time, but i wear the individual lashes. they adhere to your own lashes, as opposed to your skin, so i never get any reactions. they can stay on for dayyyyys. i will wear them to any important event. they look natural (only my best girlfriends notice, and not because they look fake, just because they look so long!) and they are fantastic in pictures. i'd say try some far before the wedding and see what you think!