Thursday, March 12, 2009

Orange You Plaid

I can't believe it's Thursday already (do i say that every Thursday??) Tomorrow is my last day of freelancing. I'm very happy to be back in the states, and extremely happy to be in the Bay Area...but. Yes, but, we found out that we will probably be moving to Dallas. We think. I'm keeping an open mind and if we are moving there, I can start getting excited for a new adventure/new place/ etc. It's just a bit frustrating not knowing at the moment. I've had a headache all week and been so cranky... if I'm annoying myself with this attitude, I feel even worse for Erik, who has to deal with me! Ah well, I should take some advice from my grandmother, Giggi, who said, 'Isn't is so exciting to not know where you're going.'. Yes, yes, I suppose it is.


Karen said...

cute photos, i really enjoy how you laythem out