Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Colorful Morning

Again, I'm joined this morning by rain and clouds. However I'm not complaining; I'm also joined by our friends from Portland. They've just finished a global 2 month trip, and we've been enjoying hearing their impressive tales. Off they went this morning to the DeYoung armed with fleeces and umbrellas. I will spend the afternoon hopefully exploring the local public library, where I'm anticipating finding a computer and printer... one must always have strong ambitions! I think the house hunting is getting into my mind, I dreamt last night of searching through endless homes, only to then find myself in the audience of Saturday Night Live where I was the guest of one of the performers. I left during the commercial break to look for something (and what was that thing?) and was then all of a sudden on a jet ski shaped like a snail in a public park. Yup, interesting indeed...


all*over*print said...

beautiful post
I love the Pantone mugs where did you get them ?

konrad said...

A jet ski shaped like a snail? Sounds like one of the rides from Thorpe Park. Hello... Hello... (sorry everyone, inside joke here).