Saturday, November 7, 2009


I've had a bit of a transportation troubled week. My car was stolen on Wednesday from the parking lot at the train station in San Jose. I'm so so so upset, and I think still a bit unbelieving. Why my car? So I am now without a car. Luckily a co-worker of Erik's has offered to lend us their car for a week. But then I'm not sure what to do. The police didn't seem to think we'd have much luck in finding in, or at least finding it in one piece. Piddles indeed. And then, as if some icing on the cake, as I was about to take the train home from work in San Francisco, they had stopped all trains indefinitely because of a fatality. I was stranded in the city, but luckily had some friends nearby with wine and food waiting for me. I'm glad it's the weekend. Very glad.

above: my poor kidnapped car