Thursday, October 4, 2007

Old Jaffa Flea Market

We went into Tel Aviv yesterday, which is always a treat for me. However parking is a nightmare...ah well. We went to Old Jaffa to the flea market there. It was great. So great, that I was so excited by everything that I forgot to get my camera out. Silly girl. I also went home in a bit of a tizzy because everytime I saw something I liked, I would say, 'Ok, if I don't see anything else I like, I'll come back...' Of course by the time I did go back, the stalls were closing. Again, Ah well. I did, however pick up these 1960's juice glasses. We also went to Nachlat Benyamin which is where all of the fabric stores are (thank you Hagit!). I picked up some for the next quilt I want to make for my bed.

And also for some other fun projects.


Hagit said...

oooh, seems like you had fun! I like the fabrics you bought, especially the red and white ones - but don't you find that the fabrics we have here are a bit boring/old fashioned compared to other places? I always wonder about that, because of all the wonderful designs I see on the internet.