Friday, October 19, 2007

Wine tasting in Tel Aviv

Last night (as I mentioned before) we went to the Eretz Tel Aviv Musuem for a wine and cheese tasting event. Yes. I know. I was very excited.

It was very fun.

We made a friend at the end of the night and he invited us to a wine store near our house today to taste wine. We rode our bikes over, not sure if he'd be there, and he was! he loves wine and it's his "hobby" so we sat in the back of the wine shop trying wine, eating bread, olives and cheese. He was really nice and has invited us to go on wine trips that he likes to organize and also invited us to dinner at his family's house near Jeruselum. So, Yay!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Sounds like a good friend to have. Wine, cheese, olives...what more could a girl ask for?