Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Running in Skirts

You know how when you have gmail, there will be ads on the side that have to do with your emails...( that kind of creeps me out) well, I must have been emailing about skirts, and running because there was this website for running skirts. ha! funny, right? well I had to take a look. It's called Atalanta Athleticwear. Hee. Maybe I need to start running in a skirt! But I think I'd prefer a fuller one...with a cute pattern.. and tons of petticoats underneath.... Below is what the website says about the product....I like the idea but I'm stuck on the part about how now you'll have time to run and shower and take your kids to work... does the skirt have a built in shower? Make you not sweat? make you look so great that you don't need to shower? ever? snort.

"Think tennis skirt... but for running. These skirts are designed to optimize your workout potential by helping your workouts fit into your life, better. No longer will you be forced to skip your run since you "won't have time to shower" before taking your child to school.

Made right here in the USA. Designed in San Francisco, and produced here on the West Coast, these skirts are as American as Apple Pie and as heavenly as the goddess atalanta herself."


peter said...

i've been using the running skirt from atalanta for months, and i'm a HUGE fan. i don't know how it works, but it's true - i haven't had to shower in months!

Cecelia Azhderian said...

Zoe- If you like that kind of women's athletic wear meets casual stylish gear check out Athleta and Title Nine websites. They have a ton of nice clothes!