Friday, May 30, 2008

But Can She Do it??

I know... I promised photos of the new dresses and hopefully will get them up tomorrow, but first this. While Erik was home, he/we received our first wedding gift...a surfboard!!! I'm VERY excited to start trying... even though I'm totally scared and convinced I'll fall off or not even have the power to paddle out... we'll see.... This morning we drove into Tel Aviv to buy fins and rash guards. Despite the name ( I hate the word 'rash' I think of the 'dude' sitting in the back of Lebowski's limos saying "yeah, i got a rash....") these garments look adorable... a top on a bikini that makes you look like you surf! I need to learn now though... nothing is worse than pretending... actually yes.... breaking my neck and being eaten by sharks is worse... but I'll look AWESOME!.
photo from Blue Crush... when Kate Bosworth looked good and athletic with some meat on her bones...