Sunday, September 21, 2008

Antique Beauties

I read about the The Three Graces website over on Something Old, Something New. I love this jewelry. I have some amazing rings that belonged to Sheila's grandmothers. I think that one day I would like to buy something like one of these and wear as my wedding ring....Shhhh don't tell Erik! Things here have been a bit busy; we've had people visiting for Erik's work which has led to many late night dinners. At work, we're trying to finish up summer 09 so I've been working more than usual, which has thrown me out of my excerise and painting routine. I'm also struggling with some sort of eye problem which has let me to wearing my glasses everyday which is difficult since the presciption isn't as strong as my contacts, so I'm looking at the world through what seems like vaseline covered lenses...nice. We also have a wedding this week, and one of Erik's co-workers from CA staying with us and then we're having our friends from Turkey visiting at the end of the week. We are busy bunnies...but fun bunnies!