Friday, October 24, 2008

Findings on Friday

Today I ran some errands locally while Sheila went into town to meet a friend. I picked up some very fun things, but can't find them anywhere online so I'll have to describe them now, and then upload a photo once I'm back in Israel. I had been wanting long white gloves for a long time...however, today I settled for long satin black ones from Accessorize (where the above bracelet is from). I found a very cute red and white polka dotted lunch bag from a charity shop, Pajamas from Marks and Spencer (very cute print, green and vintage-y), a small recipe book for chutneys, and navy cotton top with a tiny collar and buttons from Topshop for £3(!!). Very exciting.
Yesterday we went to St Albans to see Sheila's cousins. One of them did all of the beautiful flowers for our wedding as she's a flower arranger. While we were there yesterday, she brought us to a wholesale flower center to stock up on somce flowers for a couple of jobs this weekend. It was great fun to see all of the rows and rows of flowers. It was also so nice to be in the country amongst sheep and fields. This trip has been nice in that, I think that I sometimes need to be 'refreshed' with family and friends and culture in new cities. It bumps up my self esteem and creativity. The downside, however, is that I'm missing erik terribly. It's strange how you can see what other people are doing in their life, career, designs, etc, and you compare yourself, or think, 'Oh, I should be doing that, I should be working late nights and making a career for myself'. Last year in the states, I did hard work, until I was a mental mess, and I hated it. I became such a stress case, and when I look didn't matter at all. None of it did. What really matters are the relationships and friendships that remind you who you are...right down to the root of you. The real, true you that draws people to you no matter what.


violalafemme said...

Zoe, I could not agree with you more. I went to a gallery art walk yesterday in SF, and felt that inspiration and creativity flood my body, I wanted to run to my studio to paint...... Also, the part about what really matters in life, relationships with people, YUP thats what its all about for me too. Im so glad to find some deeply rooted commonalities.
By the way, did you and Erik like the engraved Klean kanteens we gave you for your wedding? I have one and use it every day. Jaxon has one with a nipple tip. We hope you use them, and enjoy. Thank you for including us in your West Coast celebration, we had a really nice time!