Monday, October 20, 2008

V&A Exhibits

We'll be going to the Victoria and Albert Museum this week. I'm a bit sad because I had so wanted to see the Supremes exhibit and it ended yesterday! Ah well. There is an interesting looking show called Fashion V Sport, which looks at the connection and the collaborations between fashion and sport.

There is another exhibit on now, 'Cold War Modern Design, 1945-70', which I'm also eagar to see.

Sheila had brought some of the books (see post below about orders I made) that I had ordered online (not all as they are pretty heavy) but so far I'm obsessed with Lena Corwin's book about hand printing. It's such an interesting, inspiring book; I can't wait to try out some of the techniques when I get home. Also, the coat arrived from Forever 21 and it is a perfect fit and very cute indeed. Success!


AusAnna said...

lucky, no good art galleries or exhibitions of that sort where i live. lap it up!