Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rainy Sunday

I woke up this morning to loud, loud, pouring rain. I have to say, waking up to rain on a sunday when you're in your cosy bed is not such a bad thing. Erik and I often hope for rainy days on weekends, so we can have an excuse to stay inside in our pajamas and watch movies. We're having Sunday roast with Lisa and Rex today which I'm very excited about. I may even wear my new boots from Clarks. With the pound going down, I thought it would be a good time to buy some comfortable boots, which they so are. Before we go to Lisa and Rex's house, we'll be meeting Lisa in town and walking around Brick Lane and Spittlefields Market. A fun day indeed...
Also, this is the ad campaign that Clarks is using now.

There is something so lovely about this outfit and photo. Unfortunately, you can't see the shoes she is wearing, (with thick textured tights) which are perfect purple double buckled wedge heels...