Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update in London

Oh what a great day we had!! Full of inspiration. First of all, we got a haircut...we now have a side part and slight bangs... I can't tell if I love it, or it makes me look like myself in 7th grade...we'll let Erik be the judge when we return home. After the haircut I met up with Sheila and we went to the new Saatchi Gallery, where there was an exhibition of new art from China. I was very impressed, I feel as though it's been a while since I've seen new art that I had a feeling for (this could also be because I haven't seen much...but I think perhaps there has been a lack of). I still have plans to see the Bacon and Turner Prize at the Tate, the Rothko at the Tate Modern, the Richard Serra at Gagosian Gallery, and perhaps the Gerhard Richter. Fun fun fun.

We then continued down the Kings Rd to the Cath Kidston shop where I bought a pot holder with an lovely print and a mug. Both perfect.

We then crossed the road and drooled over the prints and colors at the Designers Guild. sigh...
Afterwards we met a friend of Sheila's for lunch. She is good friends with the jewelery Designer in Residence at the V&A Museum. We met her and we able to see her studio in the museum. It was so interesting and inspiring. Afterwards, we wandered around the textile and fashion area. We were a bit too tired to see the two exhibits I had wanted to see, so I will see those next week. I then popped into the Bookthrift shop by South Kensington tueb stop and bought a great book about 1940s fashion and how the war affected it etc. I find this type of subject very interesting, especially with the times we are in; the constraints it put on fashion because of lack of materials, the fact that women had to work and not dress up, how wearing certain things showed your support, etc. I'm excited to cuddle down with this book on a rainy day (soon here I'm sure...)
Tonight we watched a facinating program on BBC2 called British Style Genuis, I think it's a series. We happened to see the one tonight about revolutionary designer, Vivienne Westwood and the talent that followed her, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. Soooo interesting! I forgot how much I love London, it's so refreshing and invigorating, I feel very much inspired by everything around. It's good to have these creative wake up calls every now and then to keep us alive and fresh.

PS Konrad bought a ticket here, spur of the moment!! He will be here next week. hurray!! Siblings Unite!