Monday, December 17, 2007

Feeling Dotty

Things have been a bit rough over here... Erik has been so sick the past 2 days. A horrible fever, chills, no appetite, no sleep, and a 13 hour flight to look forward to tonight. Yikes. I'm hoping that he'll be better by this evening... there's nothing worse than flying sick. So we have our fingers crossed. And these adorable shoes for the littles ones by Puddle Jumper Shoes. Were there shoes like this around when we were young? I had to wear orthopedic saddle shoes and my poor brother had to wear shoes with a bar between them holding them parallel...ha snort. Sorry Konrad, but it WAS funny.... And these lovelies too....

All available from here.
And I couldn't have a dotty post without including one of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfits.

Yes please.