Friday, December 14, 2007

Jerusalem: Part 1

This morning we went to Jerusalem for some Christmas shopping in the Arab Souq. I'm embarrassed to admit.... this was our first trip to the city and we have lived here over 6 months. But my defense is, when you live somewhere, it's not a vacation. If I travelled to Israel for one week, of course I would sight-see...but life takes over with everyday things to do. I lived in New York for 6 years and never went up the Empire States Building, never went to Ellis Island, and as much as possible, stayed clear of Times Square. But, ok ok ok... I know... it is pretty bad that we only JUST made it to Jerusalem.

Anyway.... it was great! we went into the Old City and walked around all of the bazaars. At noon, all the shop keepers just left their shops to go to the mosque.... so that was interesting to see... We of course will go back many more times for more touristy tours. We did buy many treats... but unfortunately I can't show them now, since that will ruin the Christmas surprise. On our way home we stopped in Tel Aviv for a late lunch. There was this restaurant I had been wanting to try for a while, Manta Ray. It's on the water and Time Out Tel Aviv named it the Best Beach Restaurant. I would give it I blame the not-higher score on my ordering choice. Afterwards, I made a friend outside, I named him Pimlico.

He really wanted to come home with us, but I told him we didn't have HBO, so he decided to stay by the water.