Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm Here!!!

Whew.....I have been SO out of it! No internets for 4 days can make a girl feel so out of it!!! We arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday morning. I then went to bed at 6:30 PM....We've been working around Erik's parent's house which they have just moved into. It's so 'southern-y' here! Spanish moss everywhere, southern accents, very very polite and friendly people. I heard that there are even alligators who live in the water behind the house, and apparently like to eat marshmallows... I'll see if I can find them. Erik and I went on a kayak trip early this morning, it was so much fun. I'll show photos once I find my camera cord... Today I'd like to see downtown Charleston... I heard there is good shopping there.... We'll see what I can persuade Erik to do... Some beautiful photos of vintages inspired wedding looks from Charleston Wedding Magazine. (ugh... i had much better photos for above, but they keep coming out all funny when I upload them...oh well.... )