Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend we looked at an apartment, and decided to take it. It's nice, has a lot of light, however, it is a 4 story walk up.This is the view from the living room:
We had a fun weekend with beach time, lots of food and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Sheila noted that I talk about food a lot... but wouldn't you too if it was so good and always seems to be bigger than you??

Yesterday I didn't do much, I watched a ton of movies on the movie channel. I'm feeeling a little low today, so i'm hoping that a run may help. It's a guilty feeling when you feel down, but it's so nice outside, and you really have nothing to feel down about. you know? one day at a time.


Lenalisa said...

Hi Zoe!!

That salad does look good. And all those pictures of the beach, I am very jealous. The weather in London has been crap lately, I'm still waiting for any sign that summer is coming. I've heard that there might be some cheap flights to Israel soon. Will be sure to keep you posted.

Lots of love, I'm loving your blog.

zoe said...

YAY!!! that made my day!! so i really am thinking of taking a trip out in the fall. don't worry, warm weather will come soon. hurray!

Susie said...

mercury is in retrograd ... of course you feel blue for no reason. it lasts till the 9th - sorry .... but happy you found a place! You look incredibly tan .... and happy with you enormous bowl of food! miss you ... your astro reader!