Monday, June 11, 2007

Waiting for my ship to come in

We have a large shipment coming on a boat. It should take about 6 weeks... 6 weeks from when we tell them. Since we haven't found a place to live yet, there's not point in have them start to ship. So.... I'm making do with what I have, my beads, some inspiration, and some crochet learning. I'm sooo looking forward to when it all arrives...sewing machine, fabrics, paints, papers, yarn.... It'll be grand. Then I can get back to these.

and these.

and make a mess like this:


meghan said...

oh zoe! looks like you are having a fabulous time! i'm envious! been trying to learn some sewing and really want to make something fun, just have to learn to sew in a straight line! love reading your posts.

sara said...


I love the tea cup and tea pot purse!

and i also love making a mess--you should get an apartment with a studio--so it can be permanently messy--also your blog brightens my day.