Thursday, June 21, 2007

Start the weekend with a Sunset

Erik came home from work and our air shipment had arrived! so it's basically all of our clothes, and um, our Hebrew for Dummies book. and just having these boxes in here makes us realize... why the hell did we have a HUGE boat shipment sent as well.... I mean, i've been living with clothes that fit into ONE suitcase, and I, yes, ME am ok with it.... what will I do with my walk in closet worth of stuff??? I suppose we'll find out... In the mean time, for the hot Israeli summer, i've decided it's a perfect time to pick up knitting and crocheting. snort. Well i've found this book, very helpful, and i'm not usually a book learner, i need someone to show me.
but i did ok with my self taught lessons. We then, we went out for dinner ( as it IS the weekend now) and i once again ate way too much and have been complaining that my tummy hurts.... you can't put zoe in front of numerous plates of hummus, salads, bread and fish and think she will restrain herself. way...