Wednesday, June 6, 2007

what. a. day.

Again, another day when I couldn't sleep past 6. So i'm up. Yesterday, I got up at 6, and spent almost an hour trying to get the internet. After failing miserably, I went for a walk. There is a path by our place that a lot of people run and walk down and is right by the ocean, so there is a nice breeze. But hee... some of people here run in speedos. yes, I'm serious. Better, um, support? Well, it kept the walk, ahem, interesting.

After that I went and had a coffee, by this time it was only 10.... I thought what will I do today??
but then i went into the mall. I have never seen so many amazing shoes... I was completely blown away. I'll go back and try to take some photos and find out more. Some, I think, were Spanish brands. But all were so creative and interesting. i may have to get my hands on some. Research! After that I went grocery shopping, which was interesting since everything is written in Hebrew. I had to make a few guesses as to what certain things were. I think that once I learn Hebrew, things will be a lot easier. I mean, when you see a sign on a door with a huge X sign, wouldn't you think you weren't allowed to go through? So i tried to ask someone if i could use the door and I think she thought I was asking her to open it for me. Oh well. It is very humbling to live somewhere new and not know anything and have to try and figure it out yourself. You should have seen my trying to figure out the washing machine. I then got back and decided to go to the gym, but of course it was closed because it has funny hours. argh! so i decided to go on a long run at the hottest time of the day. But i did feel much better after some excerise. After that I had to go back to the store ( i'm sure, like Borders Books, these people will just have to get used to seeing my face) because i realized I didn't have salt, or pepper, or balsamic vinegar. Couldn't seem to find any pepper... and felt like an hour was enough for staring at the funny boxes on aisle 2. I then slept and by then Erik was home and I made my first dinner. A, um, salad. I least I know what lettuce is without a lable. Right?