Thursday, June 7, 2007

Blues, Yellows, and seashells

We looked at a few apartments today. Very interesting to see a broad spectrum.
The first place I fell in love with. I had originally set my mind on a not as fancy shmancy a place, so this place threw me for a loop, i felt like gollum seeing the ring... I NEEDED this apartment. but after i calmed down I remembered what I really wanted without the sparkle of a marble entryway with doorman. I think if we're here for a short time it would be more interesting to be in a real Israeli neighborhood and this place was not. It was more geared toward diplomats and foreigners visiting who wanted to be around more touristy areas.

We drove near the beach and saw this tiny house that is supposedly very cheap, with a huge yard. A complete mess of weeds and brambles.

It needs a lot of work... the kind of work someone with no job could do! and it was a cute neighborhood. I kept thinking of Santa Cruz. So we'll see.

Now I'll end my day relaxing and thinking of shoes...


Anonymous said...

I love the seashells & your truly gorgeous blue & gold combos .... yes you need new shoes .... buy buy buy!

Anonymous said...'s erica! you guys made it; you are SO living in israel right now!! totally digging your blog, looks like it's serving as a great creative the blue shoes lady, did you get them there? thinking of you guys and sending lots of love...XO

zoe said...

hi! yes, we are definitly here!! I got the shoes back home from Piperlime. They are actually Dr Scholls! with memory foam!