Friday, June 15, 2007

Elle Decoration

I broke down yesterday and bought the latest British Elle Decoration. If you think it's expensive in the states... weee hooo don't buy it here... but I did. and it was SO worth it. I even caught Erik reading it. Everything in the magazine was so inspiring, and fantastical. These are some photos of a piece they did on outdoor summer entertaining. These are also great inspirations for wedding planning. We are going to rent a big house for a week, and anyone who wants to be there with us for the time before is welcome to. The wedding will be in the backyard, very informal, lots of lights, music, family and friends. I just read the novel, A Spot of Bother, and there was this one line where the bride is flustered that this is her day and everyone will ruin it and the groom says something to the effect of, This day is for our families, we have the rest of our lives for us. And I agree with that; I want our wedding to be an amazing time for family and friends. and well, they better like an outdoor party... hee.


CMo said...

Will this soiree be taking place stateside? I love a yard party!

zoe said...

yes!!!! probably on the east coast.