Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pretty things to keep my mind off of the long flight...

I can't believe how quickly the last few days have gone by. We're in the city now and will be going to south this afternoon. We then check into a hotel by the airport and that's it! It's strange because the last few days we've been surrounded by so many great people, and when we move I'll be all alone! So perhaps I'll throw myself into wedding planning. We finally picked a date, August 9th 2008. I'd like to have a dress that isn't a traditional wedding dress, although I have been known to change my mind, we'll see. There are 2 great blogs that i have been reading for wedding inspiration. this one and and this one .


Kourtney said...

hey zoe, great news. love your blog. hope your relocation goes smoothly. please keep in touch.

melissa said...

Hi Zoe,

Ben and I hope all has gone well with the move, unpacking, and adjusting to your exciting new life. We miss happy hours in NYC with you :(. Very exciting that you have a wedding date :)