Saturday, June 9, 2007

What A Beach day!

No offense to the east coasters or the west coasters, or especially the Woods Holers, but I just had the BEST beach day ever...(tempting for anyone who wants to visit...) we walked 2 minutes to the beach, and it was SO crowded. Our relocation guy had told us how there are miles of beach, but Israelis like to cluster together, but this beach was PACKED!

and SO fun! we both brought books, but never picked them up. It was too entertaining to people watch.

They are really into beach sports; volleyball, frisbee, jet-sking, and this paddle ball game that everyone played. That probably explains why everyone looks great in bathing suits. So great, that for women, the, uh, thong is in. Yeah, I stayed under my umbrella, spied on people, and made great plans in my head to work out intensely for the next few weeks. but, no.. no thong for me, thank you very much, but a more fit body would be fantasical. Anyway, it was a great day, and we still have a walk by the water, dinner and movie watching tonight. I think I just may love it here.... tempt.. tempt... come visit!!

and yes, those are green jellies that i'm wearing.. great for the hot sand, and the water. yay!