Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Walk with Shoes

I've given myself a new project... one photo of each shoe I own in a new place that I need to explore.

I went our early this morning for a walk along the sea. Even with my parasol, i was sweating like Charlotte's husband Harry, before he was her husband and only her divorce lawyer, and had brought over the papers for her to sign and was dripping sweat all over them... you remember the episode. Anyway, I learned a lot too, I learned that a beach near us is closed off because it's a religious beach. Some days it is for men only, some for women only and on Saturdays it is for everyone. I met a lifeguard ( with interesting hair...think Fraggles) and he told me about the jellyfish. They are starting to arrive, and are apparently everywhere. But should only last a couple of weeks. Not dangerous, but painful.
Some more photos from my adventure...


CMo said...

Would it be possible for you to just carry around a laptop, access WiFi, blog and post pictures ALL day long??? It would make my day a lot more interesting and I'm already checking back here every other minute. Breaks up the monotony and makes me wonder what I could be doing in Israel- or anywhere outside these four dental walls!! Thanks for the entertainment!!!

zoe said...

you're welcome!! we can make of list of what to do when you visit!